• I had suffered from chronic pain, fibromyalgia, depression and anxiety for over 20 years. Following a series Bio-Energy Healing sessions, I experienced a number of changes including long deep sleeps and a sense of well being. After the 3rd session, I experienced a feeling that was almost unrecognizable to me. I felt happy! And not just a little bit, I began to get up and leave the house for enjoyment. I felt so happy it was as if I was “high on life”. The pain levels in my back went from a level 9 pain down to level 4. The benefits of Bio-Energy Healing are profound and I highly recommend it. S.Kelly

  • I was suffering from chronic migraines, severe fatigue and depression.  Since receiving Bio-Energy Healing, the headache pain has diminished significantly, the depression has lifted and I have a new lease on life.  Thank you! A.Smith

  • I have witnessed firsthand how Bio-Energy Healing can trigger rapid healing from conditions that were previously resistant to treatment.  This has left me in awe of the human body’s ability to heal itself. M.Anderson, MD

  • I was suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, severe fatigue, back pain and had 3 relapses in one year.  Since receiving Bio-Energy Healing, I have been in full remission.  I felt immediate benefit from the therapy and found it extremely fascinating. Thank you! B.Murray

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