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What is Bio-Energy Healing?

Life energy, commonly also called qi (chi), connects all of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects to each other and to the universe.  In the realm of healing and alternative therapies, the term "bio-energy" refers to the life energy that runs through and around your body.

Energy therapies address qi blockages and imbalances. In working on this level, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ailments are dealt with at their root.  With bio-energy therapy, the practitioner uses various non-invasive hand techniques to work with the Energy field around the body, often without actually touching the client. During a bio-energy treatment, the client may experience feelings of heat, cold, tingling, darting pains and even emotions as energy blocks are released and the normal flow of qi is restored. This type of treatment is often quite "active" on the part of the client, who remains awake and aware as the session is conducted, mostly seated, or standing.

How does Bio-Energy Healing work?

In a healthy system, qi continually flows as we absorb, transfer and release energy as required. However, our modern way of living puts tremendous stresses and strains on our systems and sometimes the flow of qi can become blocked. Suppressed emotions, environmental disturbances (including air, water and electromagnetic pollution), poor nutrition, lack of physical exercise, over-worrying and thinking,  lack of rest, unhealthy relationships and poor work-life balance all take their toll on our ability to maintain a balanced and healthy flow of qi.  Each day as we attempt to process food, environments, and people that each bring with them their own, unique, energetic imprints, our systems run into problems as the energy in much of what we eat and do nowadays is not intrinsically good for us, And the flow of qi in our bodies can stagnate or become blocked. The location of the block creates stress and ultimately disease in the systems and organs associated with the area of blocked flow.  Physical accidents and emotional trauma can also create problems with the flow of qi. In bio-energy therapy, the therapist works with the client's life energy field.  The therapist, acting as a conduit of universal energy using their hands to focus this energy, is able to clear, change, and balance the energy field restoring the normal flow of qi. How long this process takes is very individual and for how long the energy field remains in a healthier state is up to the client.  For long-standing improvements in health and happiness, energy therapy must be supported by life changes.  If, for example, digestive issues are the concern, then the diet must also be addressed, as any system, no matter how healthy, cannot support extended periods of consuming processed and artificial food stuffs.

What conditions can Bio-Energy Healing be used to treat?

Bio-Energy Healing can be used to treat any ailment, as the whole person is treated, rather than only the symptoms themselves. However, experience has shown this therapy to be especially effective in treating auto-immune disorders: (allergies, arthritis, diabetes, eczema, psoriasis, Chronic Fatigue, MS, lupus, IBS, IBD, Crohn's, Celiac, Graves, Addison's,  etc), muscular pain and trauma, headaches, migraines, back and knee pain, depression, anxiety, asthma, kidney infections, digestive complaints, and stress and emotional trauma (it is very good for clearing deeply held emotional issues).  Again, it cannot be stressed enough that energy therapy is not in itself a "cure". Once the client is open to receiving healing energy then short-terms gains will be felt following a session or series of sessions. But long-term health benefits can only happen if the client is willing to change the areas of their life (poor relationships, diet, etc) that caused the imbalance in the first place.

What happens during a Bio-Energy Healing session?

Bio-Energy Healing consists of a series of 4 sessions with a follow-up session after 3 weeks. Sessions are generally done in person but distant healing sessions are also available.  Each session is generally 90 minutes. In all sessions the client remains fully-clothed.  Since practitioners are working with the energy field as it extends around the body, the client will, at times, be asked to sit, stand or lie down. But always as is comfortable for them. Occasionally the practitioner puts their hands on the client's body, but all hand techniques are non-invasive. In general the client is in a meditative state while being treated but occasionally the practitioner will engage in a dialogue with the client. This can be particularly helpful if there are emotional issues attached to a particular complaint.  

In the course of a healing, the client may feel sensations such as heat, tingling, cold or even pain, as energetic blockages shift. Sometimes emotions do come to the surface, and these are always encouraged and very welcome.  Bio-energy healing practitioners only work at the pace that suits the client and only work on issues that the client is ready to address.  

How many sessions will I need and what is the cost?

Bio-Energy Healing therapy includes a minimum of 4 sessions, scheduled over either 4 consecutive days or weeks followed by a 5th session 3 weeks later.  A series of appointments are scheduled and completed either in person or in the case of distant healing  -- remotely.    Each session is $150 or $650 for a series of 5 sessions.  Clients pay online at time of booking.

What are possible outcomes of a Bio-Energy Healing session?

It is best to plan on not doing too much in the few hours following a session, as clients may feel tired or emotional. Possible outcomes include: 1) feeling worse before getting better (this is a good sign that the body is detoxing), 2) feeling great once the therapy begins and never looking back or 3) feeling very little during the treatment and yet have a full recovery a few weeks later.


After a session, the energetic body will have done the equivalent of a high-intensity workout. Therefore, clients should rest, drink a lot of water and eat nutritious, light food. This fatigue can be accompanied by a worsening of symptoms following sessions 2 & 3 in the program, as the flow of qi is re-established and is pushing through the blockages. At this point, it is not uncommon for clients to feel like they really don't want to go back to the practitioner. But it is important to FEEL pain and emotional upset as it is leaving the body. Subsequent energy sessions will speed up the clearing process. And by the time they finish the program whatever debris may have come to surface will be cleared.

Who is this therapy suitable for?

Bio-Energy and Scalar Energy Healing is suitable for anyone except for those who have a pacemaker or women who are pregnant.  Babies and children can be treated as can people with physical impairments. If a client is not able to stand up for any length of time then the entire treatment can be conducted with sitting or lying, whatever is comfortable for them.

Getting Started - Free Consult

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