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What is Scalar Energy Healing?

Using a Scalar Energy Frequency Generator and electrical nerve stimulating pads, a Scalar Energy Healing session has been shown to eliminate micro-organisms such as bacteria, parasites, and viruses that cause the cells to go out of balance and become diseased.  This treatment involves a 40 minute non-invasive session every 2-5 days for a minimum of 10 sessions for preventative and 20-30 sessions for those who have been diagnosed with a chronic condition and/or life-threatening disease.

What conditions can Scalar Energy Healing be used to treat?

Scalar Energy Healing therapy can be used to treat any ailment, as the whole person is treated, rather than only the symptoms themselves. However, experience has shown this therapy to be especially effective in treating Cancer, Epstein Barr Virus, Lyme Disease, Asthma, Tuberculosis, Hypertension, Cataracts, Thyroid Disease, Lung Disease, Seizures, HIV, Arthritis, Diabetes, Candida, Parasites, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Typhoid and Glaucoma to name a few.  It cannot be stressed enough that energy therapy is not in itself a "cure". Once the client is open to receiving healing energy then short-terms gains will be felt following a session, or series of sessions, but long-term health benefits can only happen if the client is willing to change the areas of their life (poor relationships, diet, etc) that caused the imbalance in the first place.

What happens during a Scalar Energy Healing session?

Scalar Energy Healing sessions are done once every 2 to 5 days.  Each session is generally 40 minutes and the client remains fully-clothed with their socks and shoes removed.  In a seated position, the client is connected to a Scalar Energy Frequency Generator using electrical nerve stimulating pads and leads through the feet.  Pain free and non-invasive, clients may feel electro-theraputic sensations in the feet and/or legs.  At times this stimulation may cause the muscles to twitch.  Occasionally the pracitioner puts their hands on the client's body; however, all hand techniques are non-invasive.  In general the client is in a meditative state while being treated but occasionally the practitioner will engage in a dialogue with the client.  Between sessions the client drinks detoxing tea which helps flush out their system.

How many sessions will I need and what is the cost?

Scalar Energy Healing therapy includes a minimum of 10 sessions, scheduled once every 2-5 days.  A regular series of 10 sessions is $700.  Introductory package pricing is also available for clients new to Scalar Energy Healing therapy. Clients pay online at the time of booking.

What are possible outcomes of a Scalar Healing Healing session?

It is best to plan on not doing too much in the few hours following a session, as clients may feel tired or emotional. Possible outcomes include: 1) feeling worse before getting better (this is a good sign that the body is detoxing), 2) feeling great once the therapy begins and never looking back or 3) feeling very little during the treatment and yet have a full recovery a few weeks later.

After a session, the energetic body will have done the equivalent of a high-intensity workout. Therefore, clients should rest, drink a lot of water and eat nutritious, light food. 

Who is this therapy suitable for?

Scalar Energy Healing is suitable for anyone except for pregnant women and those who have a pacemaker.  Babies and children can be treated as can people with physical impairments. If a client is not able to stand up for any length of time then the entire treatment can be conducted with sitting or lying down, as is comfortable for them.  Because it holds anti-viral properties, Scalary Energy Healing can also successfully treat pets who have the paravirus.

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